Package org.compass.needle.terracotta

Class Summary
CSMTerracottaDirectory An extension to TerracottaDirectory that works in much the same way, except that it uses Terracotta ConcurrentStringMap instead of ConcurrentHashMap to store the index at.
FlushOnCloseTerracottaIndexOutput A terracotta index output that only adds the file when the output is closed.
ManagedTerracottaDirectory Managed terracotta directory allows to use the terracotta directory by managing a more coarse grained transactions and operations against the directory.
ManagedTerracottaLockAdapter An adapter ontop of a lock that releases the managed read lock when trying to obtain a Lucene lock and obtains the read lock again once the Lucene lock obtain is done.
TerracottaDirectory A Terracota based directory based on Lucene RAM directory improved to support better concurrency.
TerracottaDirectoryStore A Compass direcoty store that will use the TerracottaDirectory (or one of its sub classes).
TerracottaIndexOutput2 An index output that obtains a lock only when adding data to the file (to terracotta).
TerracottaLockFactory A lock factory that creates TerracottaLocks.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.