Class Summary
FileBucketEntry A file bucket entry holds a bucket (part) of the file content.
FileEntry A file entry holds the meta data of a file, without its content.
FileLock A file lock represent a lock held by an application.
FlushOnCloseGigaSpaceIndexOutput A specialized index output that only flush on close to the space, allowing for seeking anywhere and anytime.
GigaSpaceDirectory GigaSpace Directory is a Lucene directory built on top of GigaSpaces.
GigaSpaceDirectoryStore A plugin lucene store for Compass.
GigaSpaceIndexInput An index input using the FileEntry as the "header" information and load buckets as needed.
GigaSpaceLockFactory A locak factory using a FileLock entry as a mark that a certain lock is obtained.
GigaSpaceLockFactoryProvider A general lock factory provider based on GigaSpaces.
GigaSpaceMemIndexOutput Only use buckets to write the file to the index.

Exception Summary
GigaSpaceDirectoryException An exception marking a problem with the GigaSpace directory.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.