Package org.compass.needle.coherence

Interface Summary
FileKey A generic interface for all the different type of keys stored within a Cohernece Cache (Map).

Class Summary
CoherenceDirectory An extension on top of Lucene directory implemented by different Coherence based directories.
CoherenceMemIndexOutput Only use buckets to write the file to the index.
CompassCacheStore A simple Compass implementation of Coherence CacheStore implementing the store and eraze methods (no implementation for load).
DataGridCoherenceDirectory The default coherence directory allowing to store Lucene index within Coherence directory.
DefaultCoherenceLockFactory A locak factory using.
DefaultCoherenceLockFactoryProvider A general lock factory provider based on Cohernce.
FileHeaderValue A file entry holds the meta data of a file, without its content.
FlushOnCloseCoherenceIndexOutput A specialized index output that only flush on close to coherence, allowing for seeking anywhere and anytime.
InvocableCoherenceDirectory The invocable directory uses Coherence extended support for invocable cache services (not available at all editions).
InvocableCoherenceLockFactory A lock factory using Coherence invocable support in order to use the actual existance of a key within the cache to represent a lock.
InvocableCoherenceLockFactoryProvider A general lock factory provider based on Cohernce.

Exception Summary
CoherenceDirectoryException An exception marking a problem with the Coherence directory.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.