Package org.compass.gps

Interface Summary
ActiveMirrorGpsDevice An active mirror gps device, meaning that in order to perform the mirror operation, one must actively call the ActiveMirrorGpsDevice.performMirroring() method.
CompassGps CompassGps is responsible for managing CompassGpsDevices.
CompassGpsDevice A Compass Gps Device is responsible for interacting with a data source and reflecting it in a compass index.
IndexPlan Index plan is a general class representing what needs to be indexed.
MirrorDataChangesGpsDevice A Gps Device that can also perform mirroring operation.
PassiveMirrorGpsDevice A passive mirror gps device, meaning that the mirror operation (detect data source changes since last mirroring/indexing and apply them to the index) is done as a consequance of an "data change event" initiated by the data source itself (like Hibernate/JDO/OJB lifecycle events).

Class Summary

Exception Summary
CompassGpsException An exception that occured in Compass Gps.

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