Interface Summary
IndexEntitiesIndexer Handles indexing of the list of IndexEntity.
IndexEntitiesPartitioner Partition a list of IndexEntity into a several groups of list of IndexEntity that can be indexed in parallel.
IndexEntity Represents a groups of indexable conetnt associated with a name and provides the list of sub indexes it will be indexed into (for parallel indexing).
ParallelIndexExecutor Indexes a list of groups of IndexEntity already partitioned using the provided IndexEntitiesIndexer.

Class Summary
AbstractParallelGpsDevice A base class for gps device that can parallel the index operation.
ConcurrentParallelIndexExecutor Executes the indexing process using sevearl threads based on the partitioned list of index entities.
GenericIndexEntity A generic implementation of index entity.
SameThreadParallelIndexExecutor Executes the indexing process on the same thread (and naturally using a single thread).
SubIndexIndexEntitiesPartitioner Partitions a list of IndexEntity into several groups of lists of index entities based on their sub indexes.

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