Package org.compass.gps.device.jdbc

Interface Summary
JdbcActiveMirrorGpsDevice An extension of the JdbcGpsDevice that can also detect real time data changes made to the database and reflect them to the index.
JdbcGpsDevice A general contract for a Jdbc Gps device.

Class Summary
AbstractJdbcActiveMirrorGpsDevice A helper base class for Jdbc active mirror gps device.
AbstractJdbcGpsDevice A helper base class for Jdbc Gps Device.
AbstractJdbcGpsDevice.IndexExecution A hint object which provides the statement query to execute or the actual PreparedStatement.
JdbcUtils A set of Jdbc utilities.
ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice A gps device that index a jdbc ResultSet to a set of Compass Resources.
ResultSetResourceMappingResolver A Compass::Core MappingResolver, which can generate compass mappings (Resource mapping) ResultSetToResourceMapping.
ResultSetRowMarshallHelper A helper marshaller from a ResultSet current row to a Resource and/or to a JdbcAliasRowSnapshot.
ResultSetSnapshotEventListener A JdbcSnapshotEventListener that works with ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice and performs the changes to the compass index after the change snapshots have been detected by the device.

Exception Summary
CannotGetJdbcConnectionException A jdbc device excpetion thrown when a jdbc connection cannot be established.
JdbcGpsDeviceException A general Jdbc Gps device exception.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.