Package org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping

Interface Summary
AutoGenerateMapping A mapping that needs to perform actions in order to generate the required mappings for it's proper operation.
ColumnMapping A general interface for a jdbc column mapping.
ColumnToPropertyMapping A general interface for a jdbc column mapping to a Compass Property.

Class Summary
AbstractColumnMapping A helper base class for columns base mappings.
AbstractColumnToPropertyMapping A helper base class for mappings from a jdbc column to a Compass Property.
AbstractConstantColumnToPropertyMapping A helper base class which has all the property options as constants and immutables except for the property name.
DataColumnToPropertyMapping Maps a data column to Compass Resource Property.
IdColumnToPropertyMapping Maps an id column to Resource Property.
ResultSetToResourceMapping Maps a Jdbc ResultSet to a Compass Resource.
TableToResourceMapping A specialized form of ResultSetToResourceMapping, mapping a specfic database table to a resource.
VersionColumnMapping Maps a version column (no property mapping required - if you wish to map the version colum to a Resource Property use the DataColumnToPropertyMapping).

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.