Package org.compass.gps.device.hibernate

Interface Summary
HibernateQueryProvider During indexing time provides the Hibernate Query to extract the data to be indexed per entity.
NativeHibernateExtractor A native SessionFactory extractor.

Class Summary
CompassTransactionInterceptor A Compass Hibernate interceptor to manage Compass transactions based on Hibernate Interceptor transaction lifecycle callbacks.
DefaultHibernateQueryProvider A simple Hibernate query provider based on a select statement.
HibernateEntityIndexInfo An object holding the entity name and a specific sql query for indexing or a direct {link HibernateQueryProvider}.
HibernateGpsDevice A Hibernate Gps Device.
HibernateSyncTransactionFactory Integrates with Hibernate transaction managemnet abstraction and Compass transactions.

Exception Summary
HibernateGpsDeviceException A Hibarnate specific Gps device exception.

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