Package org.compass.core.util.concurrent

Interface Summary
ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.EvictionListener<K,V> A listener registered for notification when an entry is evicted.

Class Summary
ConcurrentLinkedHashMap<K,V> A ConcurrentMap with a doubly-linked list running through its entries.
ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.Node<K,V> A node on the double-linked list.
ForceQueuePolicy A handler for rejected tasks that adds the specified element to this queue, waiting if necessary for space to become available.
NamedThreadFactory A thread factory that accepts a name prefix and if the thread is going to be a daemon thread or not.
ScalingQueue<E> A scaling queue that works with a ThreadPoolExecutor in when offerring which takes the active count and the max threads into account.
ScalingThreadPoolExecutor Extends a ThreadPoolExecutor and gives better performance when asking for the ScalingThreadPoolExecutor.getActiveCount().
TimedBlockingPolicy A handler for rejected tasks that inserts the specified element into this queue, waiting if necessary up to the specified wait time for space to become available.

Enum Summary
ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.EvictionPolicy The replacement policy to apply to determine which entry to discard to when the capacity has been reached.

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