Package org.compass.core

Interface Summary
Compass Creates a CompassSession.
CompassAnalyzerHelper A set of Analyzer related helper methods.
CompassCallback<T> Callback interface for Compass code.
CompassDetachedHits Holds hits returned from a search performed by compass.
CompassHighlightedText A cached holder of highlighted text.
CompassHighlighter A highlighter tool that can highlight hits in a given text based on an executed query.
CompassHit Wrapper that provides a lazily loaded hit from CompassHitsOperations.
CompassHits Holds hits returned from a search performed by compass.
CompassHitsOperations Mutual operations for hits, for both detached and transactional hits.
CompassIndexSession A specialized interface that provides only index capabilities.
CompassOperations A interface describing all the available operations allowed by compass.
CompassQuery An object representing a Compass query.
CompassQuery.CompassSpanQuery An extension to the CompassQuery interface.
CompassQueryBuilder The query builder is used to construct CompassQueryBuilder.ToCompassQuery programmatically.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassBooleanQueryBuilder A boolean query builder.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassMoreLikeThisQuery A more like this query builder (maps to Lucene MoreLikeThis feature withing the contrib queries package).
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassMultiPhraseQueryBuilder A query builder that constructs a phrase query.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassMultiPropertyQueryStringBuilder Parses the query string into terms, which all of them are used against the given resource property name / meta-data.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassQuerySpanNearBuilder A span near query builder.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassQuerySpanOrBuilder Creates a span or query builder.
CompassQueryBuilder.CompassQueryStringBuilder A query builder used to construct a query from a query string (i.e.
CompassQueryBuilder.ToCompassQuery A general interface for internal builders that will create a CompassQuery.
CompassQueryFilter A filter used to filter out query results.
CompassQueryFilterBuilder The query builder is used to construct CompassQueryFilterBuilder.ToCompassQueryFilter programmatically.
CompassQueryFilterBuilder.CompassBooleanQueryFilterBuilder A boolean query filter builder.
CompassQueryFilterBuilder.ToCompassQueryFilter A general interface for internal builders that will create a CompassQueryFilter.
CompassSearchSession A specialized interface that provides only search and read capabilities.
CompassSession The main interface between a Java application and Compass.
CompassTermFreq Holds a term within the index, its frequency and the property name it is associated with.
CompassTermFreqsBuilder A term and frequencies builder, allows to set different settings regarding the available terms for certain properties and their respective frequencies.
CompassToken A Token is an occurence of a term from the text of a field.
CompassTransaction Allows the application to define units of work, while maintaining abstraction from the underlying transaction implementation (eg.
Property The basic Compass meta data holder.
Resource A Resource holds a list of meta data properties.
ResourceFactory A Resource and Property factory allowing to create new instances.

Class Summary
CompassCallbackWithoutResult Simple convenience class for the CompassCallback implementation.
CompassTemplate Helper class that simplifies the Compass access code using the template design pattern.

Enum Summary
CompassHighlighter.TextTokenizer Controls the way text will be tokenized in order to perform the highlight operation.
CompassQuery.SortDirection Used to set the sort direction for the query.
CompassQuery.SortImplicitType Implicit types that the hits can be sorted by.
CompassQuery.SortPropertyType Used to define the type of the property that will be sorted.
Property.Index Specifies whether and how a meta-data property should be indexed.
Property.Store Specifies whether and how a meta-data property will be stored.
Property.TermVector Specifies whether and how a meta-data property should have term vectors.

Exception Summary
CompassException An exception that occured in Compass.

Annotation Types Summary
CompassContext A compass context annotation allowing to inject either a Compass or a CompassSession into another class.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.