Package org.compass.core.mapping

Interface Summary
AliasMapping An alias mapping is a mapping that is associated with an alias.
AllMapping A set of settings associated with the all mapping.
CascadeMapping Cascade mappings responsible for getting objects for cascading operations as well as marking which operations are allowed to be cascaded.
CompassMapping Holds the different mapping definitions Compass has.
ContractMappingProvider An interface allowing for implemenations to provide a ContractMapping instance.
Mapping A general interface for all things Mapping in compass.
MultipleMapping A mapping type that can hold interlly multiple mappings (associated with a name).
OverrideByNameMapping A mapping inerface that controls if this mapping overrides other mappings by name within the same multiple mapping container.
ResourceAnalyzerController A property of a Resource that controlls the analyzer that will be used in conjuction with the resource.
ResourceIdMappingProvider A marker interface for mappings that can provide id mapppings for a resource.
ResourceMapping A mapping defining a Resource saved in the Search Engine.
ResourceMappingProvider An interface allowing for implemenations to provide a ResourceMapping instance.

Class Summary
ResourcePropertyLookup A simple lookup class, for a given path, will provide simple access to it's path and value converter.

Enum Summary
Cascade A cascade enumeration of operations allowed for cascading.
ExcludeFromAll Specifies if a certain property should be excluded from all property or not.
SpellCheck Specifies if a certain property should be included in the spell check index.

Exception Summary
MappingException An exception related to mapping errors.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.