Class Summary
AbstractConcurrentTransactionProcessor Base class support for async dirty operation processing.
AbstractJobBasedTransactionProcessor Base class for jobs based (TransactionJobs) transaction processor.
AbstractSearchTransactionProcessor A base class that does all the search based operations without visibility for on going changes within the transaction.
AbstractTransactionProcessor A base class for all Lucene based transactions.
CommitCallable A simple callable that commits an index writer for a given sub index.
PrepareCommitCallable A simple callable that calls IndexWriter.prepareCommit().
ResourceEnhancer A helper class providing helper method to enhance a resource before indexing it.
ResourceEnhancer.Result Result of ResourceEnhancer.enahanceResource(org.compass.core.spi.InternalResource).
WriterHelper Provides helper method to process create/update/delete opeations from a Resource to an IndexWriter.

Enum Summary
ResourceHashing Hasing of resources with helper methods to compute the hash.

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