Class RawAliasedJsonObject

  extended by org.compass.core.json.RawJsonObject
      extended by org.compass.core.json.RawAliasedJsonObject
All Implemented Interfaces:
AliasedJsonObject, JsonObject, AliasedObject

public class RawAliasedJsonObject
extends RawJsonObject
implements AliasedJsonObject

Extends RawJsonObject and adds association with an alias.


Constructor Summary
RawAliasedJsonObject(String alias, String json)
Method Summary
 String getAlias()
          Returns the alias name that is associated with the Object.
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Methods inherited from interface org.compass.core.json.JsonObject
isNullValue, keys, opt

Constructor Detail


public RawAliasedJsonObject(String alias,
                            String json)
Method Detail


public String getAlias()
Description copied from interface: AliasedObject
Returns the alias name that is associated with the Object.

Specified by:
getAlias in interface AliasedObject

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