Package org.compass.core.engine.naming

Interface Summary
PropertyNamingStrategy The property naming strategy that compass will use for hidden properties.
PropertyNamingStrategyFactory The property naming strategy factory.
PropertyPath A path representation abstraction.

Class Summary
DefaultPropertyNamingStrategy A naming strategy that uses DefaultPropertyPath when building PropertyPath.
DefaultPropertyNamingStrategyFactory A default implementation of the property naming strategy factory.
DefaultPropertyPath The default implementation of PropertyPath, extending DynamicPropertyPath, but return a StaticPropertyPath when DefaultPropertyPath.hintStatic() is called.
DynamicPropertyNamingStrategy A naming strategy that uses DynamicPropertyPath when building PropertyPath.
DynamicPropertyPath A dynamic path implementations.
StaticPropertyNamingStrategy A naming strategy that uses StaticPropertyPath when building PropertyPath.
StaticPropertyPath A static path construction, which holds a string representation of the actual path.

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 The Compass Project.