Package org.compass.core.config

Interface Summary
CompassAware An interface allowing for custom components that wish to be aware of Compass to be injected with it.
CompassConfigurable A general setting for objects that can be configured.
CompassMappingAware An interface allowing for custom components that wish to be aware of CompassMapping to be injected with it.
InputStreamMappingResolver A general interface that can be used to resolve mappings definitions that are not supported by the default add configuration API's.

Class Summary
CompassConfiguration Used to configure Compass instances.
CompassEnvironment Compass environment settings constants class.
CompassEnvironment.Rebuild Settings allowing to contol the Compass.rebuild() process.
CompassEnvironment.Reflection Settins controlling how reflection is performed when invoking methods (getter/setter), fields, and constructors.
CompassEnvironment.Scanner A set of settings that affect the automatic scanner.
CompassMappingBinding Compass MappingBinding is a mapping binding that holds a list of MappingBindings (ordered) and when trying to add mappings, it will iterate through them and try and add it to each one.
CompassSettings A set of settings that are used to configure the Compass instance.
RuntimeCompassEnvironment A set of settings constants that applies on the Compass session level.
RuntimeCompassSettings Runtime settings for Compass applies on the Session level.

Exception Summary

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