Interface Summary
JdbcIndexConfigurable An additional interface that each implementation of IndexInput and IndexOutput must implement.

Class Summary
FetchOnBufferReadJdbcIndexInput An IndexInput implementation, that for every buffer refill will go and fetch the data from the database.
FetchOnOpenJdbcIndexInput An IndexInput implementation that will read all the relevant data from the database when created, and will cache it untill it is closed.
FetchPerTransactionJdbcIndexInput Caches blobs per transaction.
FileJdbcIndexOutput An IndexOutput implemenation that writes all the data to a temporary file, and when closed, flushes the file to the database.
JdbcBufferedIndexInput A simple base class that performs index input memory based buffering.
JdbcBufferedIndexOutput A simple base class that performs index output memory based buffering.
RAMAndFileJdbcIndexOutput An IndexOutput implementation that initially writes the data to a memory buffer.
RAMJdbcIndexOutput An IndexOutput implemenation that stores all the data written to it in memory, and flushes it to the database when the output is closed.

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