Package org.compass.needle.gigaspaces.service

Interface Summary
CompassSearchService A generics search service that is based on OpenSpaces remoting.

Class Summary
ClientCompassSearchService A client side implementation of the compass search service.
CompassIndexEventListener A space data event listener that should be registered with a notify container (probably with all its notify flag set: write, update, take, and lease expiration).
SearchResourceResult A serach result for a Resource hit.
SearchResourceResults Holds a list of all the search results.
SearchResult A serach result for an object hit.
SearchResults Holds a list of all the search results.
ServerCompassSearchService This is the server side implemenation of the search service that should be exposed using OpenSpaces service exporter using sync remoting (as a filter to the Space).

Copyright (c) 2004-2008 The Compass Project.