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Packages that use InsnList
org.compass.core.util.asm.tree Provides an ASM visitor that constructs a tree representation of the classes it visits. 

Uses of InsnList in org.compass.core.util.asm.tree

Fields in org.compass.core.util.asm.tree declared as InsnList
 InsnList MethodNode.instructions
          The instructions of this method.

Methods in org.compass.core.util.asm.tree with parameters of type InsnList
 void InsnList.add(InsnList insns)
          Adds the given instructions to the end of this list.
 void InsnList.insert(AbstractInsnNode location, InsnList insns)
          Inserts the given instructions after the specified instruction.
 void InsnList.insert(InsnList insns)
          Inserts the given instructions at the begining of this list.
 void InsnList.insertBefore(AbstractInsnNode location, InsnList insns)
          Inserts the given instructions before the specified instruction.

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