Interface FieldVisitor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AsmClassMetaData, ASMifierFieldVisitor, CheckFieldAdapter, EmptyVisitor, FieldConstantsCollector, FieldNode, FieldWriter, JarOptimizer.ClassDump, JarOptimizer.ClassVerifier, RemappingFieldAdapter, SAXFieldAdapter, TraceFieldVisitor

public interface FieldVisitor

A visitor to visit a Java field. The methods of this interface must be called in the following order: ( visitAnnotation | visitAttribute )* visitEnd.

Eric Bruneton

Method Summary
 AnnotationVisitor visitAnnotation(String desc, boolean visible)
          Visits an annotation of the field.
 void visitAttribute(Attribute attr)
          Visits a non standard attribute of the field.
 void visitEnd()
          Visits the end of the field.

Method Detail


AnnotationVisitor visitAnnotation(String desc,
                                  boolean visible)
Visits an annotation of the field.

desc - the class descriptor of the annotation class.
visible - true if the annotation is visible at runtime.
a visitor to visit the annotation values, or null if this visitor is not interested in visiting this annotation.


void visitAttribute(Attribute attr)
Visits a non standard attribute of the field.

attr - an attribute.


void visitEnd()
Visits the end of the field. This method, which is the last one to be called, is used to inform the visitor that all the annotations and attributes of the field have been visited.

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