Interface InternalMapping

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All Known Subinterfaces:
InternalAliasMapping, InternalContractMapping, InternalMultipleMapping, InternalObjectMapping, InternalOsemMapping, InternalOverrideByNameMapping, InternalRefAliasObjectMapping, InternalResourceMapping
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAccessorMapping, AbstractAccessorMultipleMapping, AbstractCollectionMapping, AbstractMapping, AbstractMultipleMapping, AbstractRefAliasMapping, AbstractResourceMapping, AbstractResourcePropertyMapping, ArrayMapping, ClassBoostPropertyMapping, ClassIdPropertyMapping, ClassMapping, ClassPropertyAnalyzerController, ClassPropertyMapping, ClassPropertyMetaDataMapping, CollectionMapping, ComponentMapping, ConstantMetaDataMapping, DefaultContractMapping, DynamicMetaDataMapping, IdComponentMapping, JsonArrayMapping, JsonBoostPropertyMapping, JsonContentMapping, JsonIdMapping, JsonPropertyAnalyzerController, JsonPropertyMapping, NullResourceMapping, ParentMapping, PlainCascadeMapping, PlainJsonObjectMapping, RawBoostPropertyMapping, RawResourceMapping, RawResourcePropertyAnalyzerController, RawResourcePropertyIdMapping, RawResourcePropertyMapping, ReferenceMapping, RootJsonObjectMapping, XmlBoostPropertyMapping, XmlContentMapping, XmlIdMapping, XmlObjectMapping, XmlPropertyAnalyzerController, XmlPropertyMapping

public interface InternalMapping
extends Mapping

An extension to the Mapping interface allowing to making it mutable.


Method Summary
 void setConverter(Converter converter)
          Sets the conveter associated with the mapping.
 void setConverterName(String name)
          Sets the converter name associated with the Mapping.
 void setName(String name)
          Sets the name of the mapping.
 void setPath(PropertyPath path)
          Sets the path of the mapping.
Methods inherited from interface org.compass.core.mapping.Mapping
controlsObjectNullability, copy, getConverter, getConverterName, getName, getPath

Method Detail


void setName(String name)
Sets the name of the mapping. Acts as the "logical" name of the mapping (think Java Bean Property name).


void setPath(PropertyPath path)
Sets the path of the mapping. The path is the value under which it will be saved in the Search Engine.


void setConverter(Converter converter)
Sets the conveter associated with the mapping. The converter is responsible for marshalling and unmarshalling the Mapping from and to the Search Engine.


void setConverterName(String name)
Sets the converter name associated with the Mapping. The conveter name can be the actual class name of the converter, or a lookup name that has a converter associated with it.

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