Class LuceneEnvironment

  extended by org.compass.core.lucene.LuceneEnvironment

public class LuceneEnvironment
extends Object


Nested Class Summary
static class LuceneEnvironment.Analyzer
          A set of configuration settings for analyzers.
static class LuceneEnvironment.AnalyzerFilter
static class LuceneEnvironment.DirectoryWrapper
static class LuceneEnvironment.Highlighter
          Settings for Lucene highlighter.
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy
          Settings used to control Lucene IndexDeletionPolicy creation.
static class LuceneEnvironment.JdbcStore
          Settings applicable when storing the index within a database.
static class LuceneEnvironment.LocalCache
static class LuceneEnvironment.LockFactory
          Lucene LockFactory creation settings.
static class LuceneEnvironment.MergePolicy
          Controls Lucene MergePolicy configuration.
static class LuceneEnvironment.MergeScheduler
          Controls Lucene LuceneEnvironment.MergeScheduler configuration.
static class LuceneEnvironment.Optimizer
static class LuceneEnvironment.Query
static class LuceneEnvironment.QueryParser
          Settings for different query parser implementations.
static class LuceneEnvironment.SearchEngineIndex
          Specific environment settings for the batch_insert settings.
static class LuceneEnvironment.Similarity
          A set of configuration settings for similarity.
static class LuceneEnvironment.SpellCheck
static class LuceneEnvironment.Transaction
Field Summary
static String DEFAULT_SEARCH
          The default search that will be used for non prefixed query values.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final String DEFAULT_SEARCH
The default search that will be used for non prefixed query values. Defaults to the value of the "all" property.

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Constructor Detail


public LuceneEnvironment()

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