Class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy

  extended by org.compass.core.lucene.LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy
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public abstract static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy
extends Object

Settings used to control Lucene IndexDeletionPolicy creation.

Nested Class Summary
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.ExpirationTime
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.KeepAll
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.KeepLastCommit
          An index deletion policy that keeps only the last commit.
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.KeepLastN
          An index deletion policy that keeps on the last N number of commits.
static class LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.KeepNoneOnInit
Field Summary
static String PREFIX
static String TYPE
          The type of the index deleteion policy.
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Field Detail


public static final String PREFIX
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public static final String TYPE
The type of the index deleteion policy. Can eb one of the logical names that comes built in with Compass, such as LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy.KeepLastCommit.NAME, or the fully qualified class name of the actual implementation. In suce a case, the implementation can also implement CompassConfigurable and/or DirectoryConfigurable in order to be further configured.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public LuceneEnvironment.IndexDeletionPolicy()

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