Class CompassEnvironment

  extended by org.compass.core.config.CompassEnvironment

public class CompassEnvironment
extends Object

Compass environment settings constants class. Additional environemnt setting can be found at: LuceneEnvironment.


Nested Class Summary
 class CompassEnvironment.Alias
          Settings relating to the "alias" property
 class CompassEnvironment.All
          Settings relating to the "all" property.
 class CompassEnvironment.Cache
          Settings for cache management of objects / resources
 class CompassEnvironment.Cascade
          Settings for cascading operations.
 class CompassEnvironment.Converter
          Converter settings
 class CompassEnvironment.Event
          Allows to set event listeners for Compas.
 class CompassEnvironment.ExecutorManager
          A set of executor manager relevant settings.
 class CompassEnvironment.Jndi
 class CompassEnvironment.Mapping
          Global settings that affect the different mappings.
 class CompassEnvironment.NamingStrategy
 class CompassEnvironment.NullValue
 class CompassEnvironment.Osem
 class CompassEnvironment.PropertyAccessor
          Settings for global rregistration and handling of property accessors.
static class CompassEnvironment.Rebuild
          Settings allowing to contol the Compass.rebuild() process.
static class CompassEnvironment.Reflection
          Settins controlling how reflection is performed when invoking methods (getter/setter), fields, and constructors.
static class CompassEnvironment.Scanner
          A set of settings that affect the automatic scanner.
 class CompassEnvironment.Transaction
 class CompassEnvironment.Xsem
Field Summary
static String CONNECTION
          Determines the connection string (like file path)
static String NAME
          The name of the compass instance.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final String CONNECTION
Determines the connection string (like file path)

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Constant Field Values


public static final String CONNECTION_SUB_CONTEXT
Expert. The sub context of the connection.

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Constant Field Values


public static final String NAME
The name of the compass instance. If Jndi is enabled, will also be the name under which compass will register.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public CompassEnvironment()

Copyright (c) 2004-2008 The Compass Project.