Class HighFrequencyDictionary

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public class HighFrequencyDictionary
extends Object
implements Dictionary

HighFrequencyDictionary: terms taken from the given field of a Lucene index, which appear in a number of documents above a given threshold. When using IndexReader.terms(Term) the code must not call next() on TermEnum as the first call to TermEnum, see: Threshold is a value in [0..1] representing the minimum number of documents (of the total) where a term should appear. Based on LuceneDictionary.

Nested Class Summary
(package private)  class HighFrequencyDictionary.HighFrequencyIterator
Constructor Summary
HighFrequencyDictionary(IndexReader reader, String field, float thresh)
Method Summary
 Iterator getWordsIterator()
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Constructor Detail


public HighFrequencyDictionary(IndexReader reader,
                               String field,
                               float thresh)
Method Detail


public final Iterator getWordsIterator()
Specified by:
getWordsIterator in interface Dictionary

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