Package org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.snapshot

Interface Summary
JdbcSnapshotEventListener An interface for listening for real time data changes in the databases.
JdbcSnapshotPersister A jdbc snapshot persister, resposible for persisting and loading a JdbcSnapshot from a persistance store.

Class Summary
AbstractSnapshotEvent A base class for all the snapshots events.
ConfigureSnapshotEvent A configuration event, works with JdbcSnapshotEventListener.configure(ConfigureSnapshotEvent).Holds a list of all the mappings.
CreateAndUpdateSnapshotEvent A create and update snapshot event, works with JdbcSnapshotEventListener.onCreateAndUpdate(CreateAndUpdateSnapshotEvent).
DeleteSnapshotEvent A delete snapshot event, works with JdbcSnapshotEventListener.onDelete(DeleteSnapshotEvent).
FSJdbcSnapshotPersister A FS (File System) based snapshot persister.
JdbcAliasRowSnapshot A row level snapshot holder.
JdbcAliasSnapshot An alias (usually ResultSet) level snapshot.
JdbcSnapshot A system level (collection of aliases - ResultSets) snapshots.
RAMJdbcSnapshotPersister A RAM (memory) based snapshot persister.

Copyright (c) 2004-2008 The Compass Project.