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Packages that use ColumnMapping

Uses of ColumnMapping in org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.dialect

Methods in org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.dialect with parameters of type ColumnMapping
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getDateAsLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getIntegerAsLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getNumericAsLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)
 String JdbcDialect.getStringValue(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping mapping)
          Returns the String value for the given column mapping.
 String DefaultJdbcDialect.getStringValue(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping mapping)
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getTimeAsLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)
protected  Long DefaultJdbcDialect.getTimestampAsLong(ResultSet rs, ColumnMapping columnMapping)

Uses of ColumnMapping in org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping

Subinterfaces of ColumnMapping in org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping
 interface ColumnToPropertyMapping
          A general interface for a jdbc column mapping to a Compass Property.

Classes in org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping that implement ColumnMapping
 class AbstractColumnMapping
          A helper base class for columns base mappings.
 class AbstractColumnToPropertyMapping
          A helper base class for mappings from a jdbc column to a Compass Property.
 class AbstractConstantColumnToPropertyMapping
          A helper base class which has all the property options as constants and immutables except for the property name.
 class DataColumnToPropertyMapping
          Maps a data column to Compass Resource Property.
 class IdColumnToPropertyMapping
          Maps an id column to Resource Property.
 class VersionColumnMapping
          Maps a version column (no property mapping required - if you wish to map the version colum to a Resource Property use the DataColumnToPropertyMapping).

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