Interface PassiveMirrorGpsDevice

All Superinterfaces:
CompassGpsDevice, MirrorDataChangesGpsDevice
All Known Implementing Classes:
Hibernate3GpsDevice, HibernateGpsDevice, Jdo2GpsDevice, JpaGpsDevice, OjbGpsDevice, SpringHibernate3GpsDevice, SpringOjbGpsDevice

public interface PassiveMirrorGpsDevice
extends MirrorDataChangesGpsDevice

A passive mirror gps device, meaning that the mirror operation (detect data source changes since last mirroring/indexing and apply them to the index) is done as a consequance of an "data change event" initiated by the data source itself (like Hibernate/JDO/OJB lifecycle events).


Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.compass.gps.MirrorDataChangesGpsDevice
isMirrorDataChanges, setMirrorDataChanges
Methods inherited from interface org.compass.gps.CompassGpsDevice
getGps, getName, index, injectGps, isPerformingIndexOperation, isRunning, setName, shouldMirrorDataChanges, start, stop

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