Package org.compass.core.util

Class Summary
Assert Assert utility class that assists in validating arguments.
ClassUtils Miscellaneous class utility methods.
CopyUtils Simple utility methods for file and stream copying.
DomUtils Convenience methods for working with the DOM API, in particular for working with DOM Nodes and DOM Elements.
JdkVersion Helper class used to find the current Java/JDK version.
MethodInvoker Helper class that allows to specify a method to invoke in a declarative fashion, be it static or non-static.
ObjectUtils Miscellaneous object utility methods.
Parameter A serializable Enum class.
StringUtils Miscellaneous string utility methods.
SystemPropertyUtils Helper class for resolving placeholders in texts.

Exception Summary
NestedCheckedException Handy class for wrapping checked Exceptions with a root cause.
NestedRuntimeException Handy class for wrapping runtime Exceptions with a root cause.

Copyright (c) 2004-2008 The Compass Project.