Uses of Interface

Packages that use AllMapping

Uses of AllMapping in org.compass.core.mapping

Methods in org.compass.core.mapping that return AllMapping
 AllMapping AllMapping.copy()
          Returns a copy of the All mapping settings.
 AllMapping ResourceMapping.getAllMapping()
          Returns a set of settings associated with the all mappings.
 AllMapping AbstractResourceMapping.getAllMapping()

Methods in org.compass.core.mapping with parameters of type AllMapping
 void AbstractResourceMapping.setAllMapping(AllMapping allMapping)

Uses of AllMapping in org.compass.core.mapping.internal

Subinterfaces of AllMapping in org.compass.core.mapping.internal
 interface InternalAllMapping

Classes in org.compass.core.mapping.internal that implement AllMapping
 class DefaultAllMapping
          A set of settings configuring the all mapping.

Methods in org.compass.core.mapping.internal that return AllMapping
 AllMapping DefaultAllMapping.copy()

Methods in org.compass.core.mapping.internal with parameters of type AllMapping
 void InternalResourceMapping.setAllMapping(AllMapping allMapping)

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