Class Property.Index

  extended by org.compass.core.util.Parameter
      extended by org.compass.core.Property.Index
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public static final class Property.Index
extends Parameter

Specifies whether and how a meta-data property should be indexed.

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Field Summary
static Property.Index NO
          Do not index the property value.
static Property.Index TOKENIZED
          Index the property's value so it can be searched.
static Property.Index UN_TOKENIZED
          Index the property's value without using an Analyzer, so it can be searched.
Method Summary
static Property.Index fromString(String propertyIndex)
static String toString(Property.Index propertyIndex)
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Field Detail


public static final Property.Index NO
Do not index the property value. This property can thus not be searched, but one can still access its contents provided it is stored.


public static final Property.Index TOKENIZED
Index the property's value so it can be searched. An Analyzer will be used to tokenize and possibly further normalize the text before its terms will be stored in the index. This is useful for common text.


public static final Property.Index UN_TOKENIZED
Index the property's value without using an Analyzer, so it can be searched. As no analyzer is used the value will be stored as a single term. This is useful for unique Ids like product numbers.

Method Detail


public static String toString(Property.Index propertyIndex)


public static Property.Index fromString(String propertyIndex)

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